Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They're on the way home

The past 10 days have flown by and we did so much but still didn't manage to do everything. Marilyn & Keith arrived on Monday 17 after being delayed because of fog so instead of us collecting them at 10.30am at Canberra, it was 4.45pm. A very long flight for them. So after a couple of days rest and some local sight seeing, we took them on a 3 day road trip.

Marilyn wanted to buy some opals so we thought, where best to go? Lightning Ridge of course. Only 550km away so Thursday we put the dogs into the kennel for 4 nights and headed off. The trip there was great going through the changing country side, the drought has made its mark on parts. We arrived at the Ridge around 4.30pm so checked into the hotel and headed off to the bowling club for some liquid refreshment and later, dinner.

Next morning it was shop till you drop for opals. I just love watching someone else spend money and Marilyn certainly helped the Aussie economy purchasing a set of milky opals (2 rings, pendant, bracelet, earrings) in silver settings and a set of the blue/green opals (same stuff) set in gold. My darling Matthew bought me some earrings for my up coming birthday. We took a tour of the walk in mine which was great and saw the local attractions.

Next off to Mudgee for 2 nights staying with relatives, shopping and exploring the vineyards. Fair dinkum, Marilyn almost had to buy another suitcase to take back all the stuff she bought. I had fun helping her spend.

We arrived back in Cowra Sunday night and collected the dogs, who were thrilled to see us, Monday morning. They always smell when they come back from the kennel so it was bath time for both of them and hubby too. Anyone who has bathed a dog knows that they almost always get a bath too.

Marilyn and I headed off to Orange for yet another shop-a-thon and left the boys to their own devices. Marally Craft has a great range of Australian print quilting fabrics so once again, Marilyn contributed to the economy and bought up big. On the way home we stopped at the sheepskin barn and 2 pairs of ugg boots were given a new American home. Next door we visited what must be Australia's most expensive antique shop. The owner had stuff priced beyond belief! In the words of Darryl Kerrigan (The Castle) the bloke must be dreaming! Imagine an Arnotts biscuit tin for $29! and it wasn't even that old. I wonder who actually buys stuff from him anyway, it was fun to look around.

Tuesday it was a visit to Cowra's Japanese Garden and then we went to Canberra yesterday as they had to fly out early today and checked them into a motel. We did a little sight seeing and did a lap around Parliament House and the Lodge. Canberra sure ain't the easiest place to drive around unless you are a local. The Canberra Centre has to be the largest shopping complex I have ever seen and, as my sister works there, it was not so hard to navigate. We all had lunch joined by my brother and his 2 little girls and all in all it was a fun day.

I feel very special as Marilyn, my friend since 1983, bought me "a gift a day" whilst she was here. She must have bought a whole suitcase of things with her for me. I was so thrilled to receive 3 of her hand made quilts and lots of other things. We have a special connection and will remain friends until the day we die. Fortunately both our husbands get on really well and spent a bit of time together whilst we were off doing girly things and shopping.

Now it feels strange after having guests for 10 days to not have them. The dogs were wandering around the house last night looking for them. This was one of the best times I have had and I will miss them so much. Thank goodness for emails so we can keep in touch. It will be our turn next to go visit them. I don't know when that will be but it must happen before our husbands' medical conditions get any worse. You see, Keith has Lymphatic Leukemia and Matthew has Parkinson's Disease. Both of them are in the early stages of the diseases but, as there is no cure for either, we never know what will happen and how fast the diseases will progress. That's life!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

The bra buying blues

Bras are such a bugger to buy. I hate going bra shopping. I usually go to Target or K Mart or something like that and try on 27 different ones in about 7 different sizes hoping to find one that is moderately comfortable, contains the boobies without too much spillage and is not too tight, at a reasonable price. So when I do, I buy 6 of them and that lasts me for a couple of years. Every brand has a different size for me. Why is it that sizes are not consistent? It pisses me off.

Well, for a change I went to a proper Bra shop recently and got myself "fitted" by a professional bra fitter. Wonder what sort of training you need to go through - bet there aren't many blokes qualified to fit bras - ROFL. Anyway, crikey, I can't believe what a big difference it makes to your - ahem! "cleavage" to have a bra personally fitted . I had no idea I was an 18C which sounds HUGE but the bra I bought fits really really well and feels OK to have it on all day. I usually can't wait to get home so I can rip my bra off and let it all hang out - LOL.

BUT, there are only 2 down sides to the whole thing IMHO and they are - one - the Bra is what I would term "industrial strength" and - two - it cost $69.95!!! Just one bra! You may as well say it cost $70. It is a Berlei and made in China so what am I missing here? I bought 2 of them so I can have one on and one in the wash.

I have fond memories of those days in my 20s when I had a couple of "mini muffins" requiring no more than a little cotton and elastic covering to look good under a T-shirt. Getting older sucks insome ways but is absolutely terrific in other ways. More soon ......

Friday, September 14, 2007

Crikey, they are almost here

I can't believe how fast time flies. Marilyn and Keith will be here in less than 48 hours. I am so glad that I am not doint the 24 hours in a plane thingie. I remember 20 years ago when I went to Europe - the flight is sooooooooo darn long!

The house is spick and span and I even scrubbed the venetial blinds - not a job I recommend at all - yuk! But all is in readiness for my visitors.

On Thursday we are going for a 3 day road trip to Lightning Ridge then Mudgee, Glenbrook and home to Cowra. We will get all the visiting out of the way in one go and explore some of this wonderful country that even I have not seen before (Lightning Ridge that is).

Excitement level 10+++


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting ready for OS visitors

I am so excited. My penfriend whom I have been writing to for 24 years is coming to visit in a weeks time and will stay for 10 days. Marilyn is from Ohio and has visited me once before in 1996. Hubby Keith is coming too. I am so lucky that Keith and Matthew (my hubby) get on really well. It is funny that after writing to a person for so many years, you come to know them well. We knew from the first few letters way back in 1983 that we were going to be great friends.

The first visit was so exciting for all of us as Marilyn & Keith had not been to Australia before and in 1996 Matt and I had only been married for a year. We were living in Hornsby which is only a short train trip to the heart of Sydney. I scheduled so many things to see and do that we were all exhausted at the end of 10 days. This time it is different as we now live in the country and everything is at least 1 hours drive away.

They will have a huge flying time as they have to fly from Detroit to LA then LA to Brisbane then Brisbane to Canberra. Canberra is way closer to collect them than Sydney (2 hours as against over 4 hours). So this time we will just head straight home from the airport so that they can recover from the flight.

I have started cleaning the house which is a marathon job. It usually takes something like a visit from friends to spur you on to do a "spring clean" - LOL. Plus with 2 dogs that spend a fair bit of time inside, there is a lot to do.

So.... better get of the 'puta and get into the cleaning. I can't wait to see my wonderful American friends.

Friday, September 7, 2007


G'Day everyone, Welcome to my blog. This is something new for me as I venture into the world of blogs.

I live in Cowra western NSW with my DH and 2 dogs. I am a mad keen scrapbooker and work 2 days a week for one of the local solicitors. We have an office opposite the Court house so I am begining to know who the local crooks are.

That will do for a start. Best not to overload the senses. More soon.