Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm having one of those days/months

It all happens at once. My back has been acting up lately. Had to have a day off work for that. Been feeling a bit off and then Monday I went to the doc about the pain in my left foot that I have had for 2 months. I was feeling every step when I was walking the dogs and I had had enough. He referred me for a scan and then he kindly gave me a cortisone injection which I was allergic to (found out the hard way) and spent 2 days drugged to the eyeballs on pain killers and limping from room to room on a walking stick because my foot had swollen up and the pain was agony. My 3 middle toes were sticking out like little fat sausages. Thursday I managed to get a shoe on and could leave the house. Today I returned to work on panadols but it is still a bit sore. The perils of being over 50 I suppose.

*sigh* Looking on the bright side, if it all happens at once, then I can look forward to about 12 months of good health - he he he


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday and the rest

Well, here it is a month since I wrote and 5 weeks since Mum died. I'm doing well and so is my Dad. We had been expecting Mum to go for such a long time that she and Dad planned what he would do when she was no longer here. He is keeping busy and going to things he couldn't go to for the last 3 years like his High School reunion at Waverley College last week. The 4 of us kids are coping well. Sure we have sad days but basically we are all getting on with it.

One lovely thing is that Samantha, my brother Ian's youngest daughter, has told him that "Pink Grandma" comes to visit her at night and talks to her and cuddles her. By the time Sammy was born, Mum was too sick to be able to hold her so she never got to cuddle her. Also, Mum was wearing pink when she died and Sammy is 3 in a few weeks time so I think she is too young to be making it up. We all think it is great and I hope she gets visits from pink grandma for a long time.

Now birthdays...... There must be a time when you can say "OK, I won't have any more birthdays because I am OLD ENOUGH NOW"!
LOL LOL LOL Well I was old enough a few years ago but for everyone else who likes to remind me .............. tomorrow I am 54. Eeeekkk! I don't feel 54 but there is a woman in the mirror that I see every day who looks it!

One of the advantages of being over 50 is that EVERY bloke starts to look good. Even the blokes from the bowling club - LOL.

But ..... My Nana (mum's side) died at 54...... My grandpop (dad's side) died at 52. My other two grandparents died at 84 and 80 so I think I have all bases covered.

I wonder what I will get for my birthday? I can bet on some chocolate and wine knowing my darling hubby.

Enough, I am off to open the wine...........

Cheers Big Ears :-)