Monday, April 20, 2009

Uncle Kev's stimulus package

Oh how wonderful, we childless pair have now received $1800 of our own money back and like the good citizens that we are, have spent a goodly proportion of it at local businesses. I bought myself a nice new black handbag for $55 from the bag shop in town, a bit of a splurge as my other one was a Vinnie's special. It is leather and made in Italy. Ciao $$$.

Next we bought 4 new tyres for the Ford Falcon from my mate Gordon at Emu Plains Tyres & More. They are Yokohama brand. Sionara $$$.

I have also acquired new bifocals (frames and lenses) from Paris Miki in Penrith. A good price and worth the trip from Cowra as the local eye people have a limited stock and sky high prices. I am told by staff that Paris Miki is Japanese. Once again Sionara $$$.

We also went on a road trip to Lismore this past week and clocked up over 2500km thus requiring several tanks of fuel. $$$ to the arabs. (I don't know the arabic for good bye)

The remaining $$$ are resting safely in our bank account in readiness for the next visa statement to arrive in the mail.

Thank you Uncle Kev for returning some of our hard earned and reluctantly paid tax money to us as this is the first time EVER that we have qualified for any Government handouts. Such a pity that pampered house dogs do not qualify as children or we would be in line for another $1800.

Take it easy friends and remember, if you spend your Government handout at garage sales, on prostitutes or getting a new tattoo, the money will definitely stay in Australia.