Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not your average Christmas

Funny how a little red spot can cause you to throw your Christmas plans right out the window. Readers beware, this post contains medical and sensitive information, read on if you dare ......

The red spot which was noticed on Friday evening had mutated overnight into a fully fledged red, angry boil. Oh no, not me, no (phew!), it was poor Matt. My darling husband who was designated driver for the 5 hour return trip to Canberra on Christmas Day and where was this boil? You guessed it ..... right in the crease of his backside! *I have paused here so that you, dear reader, can pick yourself up off the floor, wipe your eyes and stop laughing*

So it came to pass that Saturday, Sunday and Christmas Eve saw no improvement in the situation and the boil grew in size and the pain level increased. The poultice from the chemist was doing its job and I was suddenly designated "nurse" twice a day doing dressings.

Come Christmas Day and it was obvious that sitting in the car was going to be impossible so I went to Canberra alone and Matt had Christmas lunch with Rocky and Lou Lou (woof woof). At least he was able to play with his trains as the layout in the shed has been built on a table which is chest height.

I had a lovely time with my family and even enjoyed the drive because I could play my favourite CDs as loud as I wanted all the way. On the return trip, the local cops were conducting RBTs and pulled me over. I was fine - no booze at Ians. The cops were all wearing Santa hats which looked so cute.

Christmas Day was not over yet and as luck would have it, the boil burst late that night and I found myself playing nurse again at 1am. Crikey, the bloody thing looked sooooo painful and I felt so sorry for my darling.

Today it is a lot better but we are going to see the doc this arvo anyway. He still can't sit in the car or on the lounge chairs but the dining chairs have the back out of them.

So, if someone asks him "What did you get for Christmas?" He can honestly say .... A boil on the BUM!

Till next year, have a wonderful time one and all

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ho Ho Ho - nearly here

Well, Christmas is just around the proverbial corner and what have I done? Another year almost over and a new one almost begun (apologies to John Lennon). It has been an eventful year and for a change instead of spending Christmas Day at home with the dogs, getting drunk and full of good food, we are going to spend Christmas Day with my brother and his 3 little girls (8, 4, and 3) in Canberra. Dad is there already having arranged a cat sitter for his beloved ginger cat Monty, and he will spend several days with his granddaughters. This is the first Christmas without Mum so there were no cards sent as she always took care of that sort of thing.

As usual, I was told to go and buy my own gift. God bless Matthew, he always wants me to have something nice but at this time of the year he is working such long hours that he can't get to the shops. So, as I have a naked ring finger on my right hand thanks to a slight re-arranging of my current collectionof finger jewellery, I went to the local jewellery shop and bought myself a lovely garnet and diamond ring. Funny how all the ones I tried on were my exact right size. I have small fingers. So I chose one and said "wrap the little bugger up"! Now it is under the tree with the other gifts waiting to be released and on my hot little hand Christmas Day. Fortunately there are 6 other gifts under the tree that I don't know what they are (from Marilyn in the USA and my in-laws) which will be a nice surprise when we open them.

I bought Matt his favourite Darrell Lea chocs and a pack of Christmas candies for me. I love them. I wanted to buy him a "Casey Jones" train driver's hat (he has started playing with toy trains and creating a huge layout in the shed) but couldn't find one online large enough for a man's head. Oh well, might have to look overseas.

We have had some rain which has been marvellous although our dam is still only 14%. That is a lot better than 3.2% which is what it got down to early this year. The grass has come back and the garden looks a lot better.

This will be my last post for 2007. I can't believe that this year is almost over. They certainly fly by when you are over 50 so be warned!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone whether you read my blog or not. Peace, health and happiness to all. Enjoy the chocolate and we diet in the new year bwahahahahaha - :-D