Friday, September 4, 2009

Spring is sprung the blossoms are out

Ahhh..... Spring. Don't you just love spring. The weather is a little warmer, the days are longer, the blossoms are opening on the plum and cherry trees, the buds on the wisteria are growing and will soon flower, the sneezes start and the nose turns into a tap. Well, I have never suffered from hay fever until I moved to Cowra but the last 2 years have been quite uncomfortable. Sneezes and sniffles most mornings and they are gradually getting worse as more blossoms bloom. Of course these days I have to be very careful about how I sneeze because it was just over 12 months ago I fractured my T7 vertebra with a big sneeze. Not nice but thankfully I think it has calcified by now though I am left with some residual aches and pain if I over do it. Nothing that a 15 minute lie down won't cure.

I have had to Baygon the scrap/craft room today as a troop of ants had decided to take a shortcut across one of the walls. I found the odd ant on my work table over the last few weeks and thought little about it but today I noticed a trail of the little blighters across one wall when I moved something on the table. So now the room is out of bounds until the smell dissipates. A couple of days should do it. So here I am at the computer instead.

It is September already and I am wondering if we will be lucky enough to sell the house now that the weather has warmed up and the garden is starting to look good again. I had really hoped that we could be in Lismore for Christmas and at this point in time that is still possible if a buyer appears in the next few weeks. If not, no matter, someone will come along eventually. So dear readers, cross your fingers for us and perhaps, if you know anyone who wants to move to the country, tell them about our house for sale.

Ah..... Spring ............... aahhchoooooo.............