Thursday, May 7, 2009

My $500 foot

Regular readers of my blog will recall that I have a crook left foot. Well, it is worse now as I have osteoarthritis in the TMT joints. I can't walk very well and am limited to 2 pairs of shoes. All my fashion ones are gathering dust in the wardrobe. I am almost at the point where I need a stick to get around. Anyway, I have bitten the bullet and made another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks time so my $500 foot will be increasing in value. *sigh* he said last time that unless the injection improved it, the only thing left was surgical fixation. If that is the case, it will be worth it if I can get rid of the pain and be able to walk properly again.

To be continued...........

Eagle Boys Pizzas

I have been a big fan of Eagle Boys Belissimo pizza since I first tried one 5 years ago and to tell the truth, I have only ever tried one other sort so whenever we ordered pizza on "cheap Tuesday" (coz it is only $6.95 for a large pizza) it had to be the Belissimo. Lovely Italian flavours, plenty of veg, not too many meats, juicy kalamata olive slices and with a sprinkling of parmesan to finish off, quite delicious really.

Recently Eagle Boys have added new Premium pizzas to their menu and to my shock and horror, they have deleted the Belissimo pizza. I was told by one of the staff at our local outlet that the Tuscan (one of the new premium pizzas) had the same flavours as the Belissimo but, of course, Premium pizzas cost MORE than the regular ones and are not included in "cheap Tuesday's" menu. That night we ate Chinese instead.

Now get this - their TV ad that is introduced by comedian Dave Hughes, states that "we have added 11 new pizzas to all your old favourites..." which, my friends, is fundamentally incorrect as there is now no Belissimo on the "old favourites" menu. I am a stickler for truth in advertising so I emailed Eagle Boys and complained that there was no Belissimo on the menu any more which happened to be the only pizza I liked and then politely pointed out that their ad was incorrect and when were they going to fix it.

Quick as a flash I received a response from the National Opperations Assistant to say that the new Tuscan premium pizza was different to the Belissimo whilst still retaining the same flavours and they would send me a voucher for a free one. Instead of sliced olives they now had olive halves and instead of diced tomato, they had sliced tomato and instead of grated parmesan, they had shaved parmesan thus pushing it into the premium range. They failed to address the matter of the misleading TV ad entirely.

Not to be deterred, I emailed back and asked when something was going to be done about the ad and was told that she had passed on my email to the marketing department and would get back to me ASAP. A few days rolled by and no response. So I contacted them again and received the following response:

I have just spoken with the Marketing department and they can confirm that as of Monday 11th May our TV ads will no longer mention the ‘old favourites’

So, victory for the little people. I can't help it if I am a bit pedantic but the ad was a blatant lie. If it had been another pizza that they had deleted instead of my good old Belissimo, I probably would not have bothered.

Oh well, I think I'll have Chinese tonight.......... what say you people???

Monday, May 4, 2009


*fanfare* We are going to do it! This year we are really going to do it. Lots of people talk about doing it but not many do at our age. Most of them do it when they are a lot older and some wait until they are too old to do it and end up doing the same old same old until they drop off the twig, poor bastards. What am I talking about?


I have been semi officially retired since fracturing my T7 vertebra last July (osteo) and Matt's PD is starting to interfere with his ability to do such a physical job so to save him from wearing out too soon, retirement is the only option. What were we going to do we wondered? We don't want to stay here doing the usual old things and wishing we were somewhere else.

No, so we are selling the house, buying a caravan and going to live on his sister Loretta's land at Lismore. She has 11 acres just 5km from Nimbin and offered us space to park the van indefinitely. Just one small catch (there is always a catch isn't there?) Matt will have to potter in the garden, grow some organic veggies, play bowls, and have a good time relaxing. So naturally, WE ARE TAKING IT.

We have had the agent around and signed the agreement, spoken with the solicitor who is getting the contract for sale ready and after a little cosmetic painting and cleaning, the house will be on the market in 2 weeks time.

To be continued, my favourite TV show just came on.............

Byeeee 4 now

Things to do - notes to self........

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