Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sing Australia Choir

I have joined the Grenfell branch of the Sing Australia Choir. Sing Australia is for anyone who loves to sing whether they are good or not. We get together on a Sunday afternoon to practice and then do little "gigs" around and about. We sang for the folks in the local nursing home a couple of weeks ago at an afternoon tea. It is a marvellous idea as I believe everyone can sing, just some do it better than others. We sang 2 hymns at the Anzac Day celebrations at Grenfell on Friday. It was great. They had a big turn out too. Sing Australia is based in Canberra and there are branches of the choir in a lot of towns. If you love to sing and have been wondering where to start, have a look see whether there is a branch in your town or the town near by and go for it or you can google Sing Australia and log on. It is a lot of fun and makes you feel good.

Tra la la la ................ :-D