Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making greeting cards

I have decided to make and sell my own greeting cards and here is a small sample. At present I am selling them through the local post office along with my bookmarks. I also had a craft stall at Fusspots Cafe over the long weekend and made a tidy $46.50. Not bad for my first go. I have been invited to return by the cafe owners any time so I plan to have a few more stalls between now and Christmas. I have started making Christmas cards as well and am hopeful that I can make a few bucks to fund my hobby.

I have also met the principal from the Ebor school who asked me to teach a craft class in November. I have decided to get the kids to make a couple of Christmas cards for their families along with a tree ornament made from an old CD. Here is one I made a couple of years ago. We sent one each to our parents.
So, with Matt's woodwork talents and my scrapbooking efforts, we just might be able to have an outlet for our products next year. I can just see it now.... Appletree Cottage Woodwork and Crafts with a stall out the front of our house. I will have to make a big colourful sign to attract the tourists.

Matthew's woodwork creations

Mornin' all

My very talented husband has taken up woodwork for a hobby since he retired. In fact he has taken up archery as well but at the moment woodwork is his passion. He has made a model stage coach with all working parts. He even made the wheels from scratch and it looks great. Here he has photographed himself, printed it out and put himself into the coach. I love it.

He has a model cabin cruiser under construction and his current project is an acoustic bass guitar. He has also made some cedar coasters and a wagon to hold them plus some pots with lids - I don't know how to describe them except that they look like they would have belonged in the Lord of the Rings as Gandalf's tobacco jars.

He is rather talented in my opinion and I am happy for him to spend most of every day in his shed.
At least it keeps him out of trouble.
Matthew, I love you.
This is the upper Ebor Falls on the Sunday of the long weekend. There was so much water flowing that the river broke its banks and we could hear the thunder of the falls from the house. The bonus is that our water tank is now full again. The downside is that I have had to run the clothes dryer and hang some things by the fire to dry. I am not anticipating a low electricity bill.

I still love living here though.