Monday, January 12, 2009

Elvis lives

Woo Hoo people! I went to the Parkes Elvis Festival on Saturday for the first time and what a great time I had. There were hundreds of Elvis's in all shapes, sizes, sexes, ages and nationalities. The festival is in its 17th year and just keeps getting bigger and better. There were over 8000 tourists in town and the place was rocking.
I have always been a big fan of Elvis and remember exactly where I was when he died. I was on hoiday in Portugal with my ex-husband (Mr Wrong) and we heard the announcement on Radio Luxemborg that evening. The DJ was in tears and we were shocked.
I never dreamed that the Elvis impersonator phenomenon would be as huge as it has become. There were some fantastic costumes and the amount of bling was dazzling. The street parade lasted over an hour. There were Elvis buskers, karaoke competitions, church services, bingo, weddings, cover bands and look-a-like competitions. Not to be forgotten, there was a Priscilla look-a-like comp as well. Hundreds of people walking around in bouffant black wigs and gold framed sunnies doing all the right moves.
I have decided that next year I will go and dress up too. I have already bought a wig and sunnies on ebay and all I need to do is make myself a costume - he he he. Shouldn't be too hard and I have the rest of the year to get it right.
Thankyouverymuch - I have now left the building *grin*
"Before Elvis there was nothing" - John Lennon

Sunday, January 4, 2009

there goes another year

Blink and you missed it. 2008 has just zoomed by and it is now 2009. Amazing! So I am starting off the new year with all good intentions of getting myself healthier. I have been feeling crook for quite a while and have had enough. It is up to me to help myself because no-one else is gonna do it right? I will plan meals, eat better and do more exercise. In fact, I have already started.
This is my "before" picture taken in November at Chris's wedding. So I am determined to change so watch this space for updates.
Happy New Year one and all.